Rapeseed Oil

SAI Rapeseed Oil

Meet our Sai® brand Rapeseed Oil, produced at some of Europe's most renowned mills. Our rapeseed oil combines taste, health, and unsurpassed quality, becoming the choice for those who appreciate a unique culinary experience.

Rapeseed Oil

Sai® Rape Oil – Pure Essence of Nature

Sai® rapeseed oil is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids to support cardiovascular health. Its unique flavour profile adds depth and flavour to any dish, while the presence of vitamins E and K has a positive effect on skin and bone health.

We supply our Rapeseed Oils in practical packaging, ideal for different needs:

  • 1L bottles – for small households.
  • 5L bottles – for larger families and cooking enthusiasts.
  • 10L bottles – for large households and businesses.
  • 1000L pallet-boxes – for business customers, providing top quality at an attractive price.

Our Rapeseed Oil is a versatile companion in the kitchen. Ideal for frying, baking and salads. Choosing Sai® is a choice of professionalism and quality, appreciated by food industry experts.

Our Sai® brand oils are exceptionally appreciated in the German market, where they have gained recognition among both consumers and food experts. Available in renowned supermarkets such as Edeka, Rewe and Kaufland, Sai® oils have become synonymous with quality and taste, meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Choose Sai® and experience the taste that inspires. Contact us if you are a food distributor, wholesaler or chain interested in working together, and discover how
can enhance your offering.

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