Discover the true taste of India with our unique line of chutney sauces! Our authentic Chutneys are carefully prepared using traditional recipes, so each version takes you into the heart of Indian cuisine.

Classics in a Modern Edition Our first Chutneys set, which we are introducing, are true culinary masterpieces:

  • South Indian Style Coriander Chutney: The freshness of coriander meets traditional Indian spices.
  • Andhra Style Nut Chutney: A nutty flavour that surprises with its depth.
  • North Indian Street-Food Style Chutney: the distinct taste of street food in every jar.
  • Madras-style Tomato Chutney: a classic in a unique style.

Sauces Available for Sale Soon
Are you looking forward to it? Our sauces will be available for sale very soon. Follow us to keep up to date with the latest news.

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